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It’s coffee time on my deck, the cat knows. A time of reflection and talk about the days events.

There has been a lot going on in the news and reports that are out. Japan is under the guns, Earthquakes, destuction in every direction. This is a sign of where we are at folks. Not good.
This did not happen by chance and who or what country will be next. 
Arkansas , Oklahoma  also are having Earthquakes. The New Madrid is rattling. We definately need to be thinking safety and preparedness. These times are troubling to all. This is a time to look into your selves if your not spiritually motivated then you better get that way. This is definately not easy times. I encourage people to prepare as best you can, food,water, go bags in cars.  Just think of things you might need and for a few days. If you have children and pets then think of them also.  There are people in Japan would give anything for water or a meal. There is nothing there to get remember when you are in a city area the shelves will be stripped out immediately.
Country folks might have it a little better but most live from pay check to pay check. Think about the climate around you and what would you do if you were hit like Japan was .  Believe me not everyone is friendly or will help in a survival situation. Most are for themselves and their own families. If you are a praying person then you better get on your knees and see where you need to be and what you need to be doing. Even if you get help it might not come for many days. Most of the worlds countrys are in turmoil. Wars and rumours of wars, this is where we are at. And I say we because it could happen here as well as Japan. Don’t get scared just get prepared, a little extra food and water put back won’t break the bank and just might save your life…  Think about it……………  Psalm 91
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