Night Views and News

A night view ????????????

This awesome day all things considered, Japan is in great turmoil. I’ve been thinking about the poor survivors of these catastrophes .  So many changes for so many people. Larry and have made a few of our own. 

We have seen many anomalies these days. The air, water , and whole world is being poisoned. Fish , birds and many animals dyeing. I personally believe this is prophecy being fulfilled . The axis of the earth has shifted and I believe we are just entering into a pole shift of magnanimous proportions. I certainly don’t know if you can prepare for something like this. Most people cannot cope with the everyday problems they are faced with today. I do not see many being able to cope with what is coming. The Hopi, Choctaw, Navaho, and almost all the native american people have prophesy pertaining to this. The Spirit World is all around us we just do not see it like we should. The world is out of tune with nature and God so where does this leave us. Out of tune completely…

Native americans are tuned in mostly to the Nature side and feel the changes that are here. We as a people are sensitive to the spirit world and animals around us. There are many who discount this but, I personally believe it comes from being in tune with the Spirit world.  We hear and understand things that  most will discount as crazy.

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2 Responses to Night Views and News

  1. roxy2012 says:

    Amen, Sis…. many changes are coming quickly. Ready or not It’s time is closing in.

  2. larrywtaylor says:

    Cool Photo! Yes, being tuned in to the Spirit is important and so many are distracted in this so easily, by the cares of this world, which are all on such a ‘low’ point of the scale….! Animals appear much better, many times, to SEE into the other realm!
    Larry Taylor

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