War In The Heavens that Decends down to Earth

This is not my video but is for the times. An awesome message. Recently I spoke to some one who I will say had a vision. This vision was of things being flung to Earth not falling but thrown. We have all heard of the fallen Angels and the deeds they did eons ago. But did you ever think that what is happening now is just as releavant as the Days of Noah. By the way these entitys that were being thrown to Earth were going into people as they were tossed from Heaven. Interesting, enough Ive often wondered about this happening. Wars and Rumours of Wars. We are fighting wars daily and sometimes even when we are sleeping. Do you ever wonder why you wake up so tired that you can hardly go.Spiritual Warfare, Just as a warrior in real life studies his enimys you need to study the Spiritual side of this war. Get some prayer time in and take a walk on the wild side. Being a spiritaul warrior is not a tame job. You will fight many battles “Life and Death Struggles”. These days are not over and they will not end with your last breath. There is a side you have not seen in the Spirit Realm. Spiritaul Warfare is definatly a walk on the wild side. So as you watch this video think about the ramifications of entitys being flung into the earth and looking for whom they can occupy. Keep your guard up and remember the spiritual fight you are in, It is for Eternity………………………

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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2 Responses to War In The Heavens that Decends down to Earth

  1. AMEN to all that! Just your interest in matters of spiritual warfare will attract it. Ask our Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit to give you encounters or experiences that you need along with the wisdom of God on all this. Stand back and see or experience what starts to happen. You have to have this yearning in your heart with the courage to go with it and things will happen!! The Name of Jesus and pleading the Blood of Jesus and blessed/holy oil are very powerful weapons in our arsenal against the devil and his darkness and all those that are of him both spiritual and physical. watch out for very strange things not natural to your understanding. Be flexible and keep on guard expecting anything to happen. Sounds scarry, but God gives us the victory through Jesus! Fear does not come into the picture when your in the spirit, you have the boldness naturally in the spirit. Speak/pray in tongues out loud, they hate that!

  2. Susan says:

    Hi spiritual walking people:
    Dear Darnette, you asked for some ideas about your Buffalo dream.
    I looked at some symbolism in Native American, and for “lines” another
    website. Here are some ideas to pray about.
    Indian drums can mean human heartbeat. How fast, stepped up?, if known
    tornados can mean destructive events especially
    if you connect that to the ‘All Over America’.
    a plus sign over 123 equals 6.
    Buffalo can mean Wisdom, personal power based on knowledge
    Red represents many: excitement , passion, energy, desire, speed, strength, power, heat, aggression, danger, fire, violence– all things intense and passionate.
    lines repeated mean methodical, patient approach to tasks.
    Light lines indicate sensitivity or tentative nature.
    Med thick lines indicate balanced, confident personality
    Heavy lines– resolve, strength, energy.

    small vigorous squiggles mean into variegate pattern, combine energy and impatience with a desire for structure.

    I personally thought a possibility of squiggled lines ‘a writing’.

    The main question: What is the word of knowledge that God wants known with this vision?
    Humans are not in tune with God’s heart/beat. Gone astray and have been destructive in their own lives. Does 6 mean years. What about the 3 screens? is 3 added to the 6?
    When God has a symbolic item in the dream like Buffalo enveloped with ‘lines’, try to collectively view them as a whole. Red has positive and negative. On a buffalo ‘of wisdom’ it looks positive. If God’s children learn lessons and methodical wisdom, it is applied to life

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