Folks, sorry for the long length of time between posts. I’v been so busy with changes in my life and illness that its been impossible to post. Computors down,and other anomolies in my life.
There have been many hindrances, spiritual, physical.
To say the enimy has been working overtime is an understatement. Ive done one show with Georgeann this last month. I hope to be up and running again shortly.
The Lord has been faithful to keep and lead us through so many things this last year.
But I know you like us have had many trials and tribulations.
We are now coming up on the elections for a president. This one seems to have the leading of the Beast system, corruption, systematic tearing down of the constitution etc.
It is not hard to see where this is headed, give him four more years and America WILL BE NO MORE. You definately will be living in a “Brave New World”. One which I doubt you will be able to survive in.
We have said, “AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH”. I do not think we have taken in to full account the true meaning of this. There were Giants in those days, well we still have Giants, if not in the physical then in the wordly
attitude. Big corporations, unions these run this world we live in. Regardless what happens in the elections there will still be big business running our world.
They will do anything for power, money and control. They
would be GODS.
We as a people of God must remember whom we serve and that prayer has power to change things. keep your selves centered on the one true God and Saviour. He will keep you through any storm. thank you for listening and be blessed in this new year of 2012.

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