Comming from an Native American perspective , I see the Earth in protest.
Just as our bodies respond to foriegn agents that enter our bloodstream. The earth is
Behaving in a similar pattern. The moanings and groanings are responses to
What is happening inside her body and outside.
Not only is she being invaded by harrp but also Cern. This is not counting
The other invasions that we know nothing of. This is Earths way
Of letting us know her problems. Could this be signs of a cataclismic event
Only will time tell. We have asteroids sailing by and our planet being
Pulled in many directions. Oru sun is giving off great rays of radiation which bombard our Earth.
Man is also contributing in his own way to her
Through out time we have seen many changes in our planet, but none like we are seeing now.
Sink holes, dead fish , birds dieing by the thousands. How can we not expect her
To moan and groan. But there is one thing man must remember
We need the Earth but she does not need us to survive. Keep the earth
And her atmosphere in prayer. Because without her we will be no more…
Thank you for listening

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One Response to Signs

  1. I hear you on this one! I think our earth is growing tired and will eventually have to do something to protect herself.
    Choctaw Wright

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