Just Thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recently i’ve had several asking why there was no blog at the Coffee house. Well the one in charge has been very
sick. I recently became infected with LYMES. This is not a pretty disease. I could go into it with you but, if you don’t have it you would not care to hear the complaints. They are plenty. I’m a pretty determined person and have continued my life as i can. This old dog likes to hunt still. Ha! and talking “OLD DOG” well i’ve sure felt the old
bones creaking at times.
But enough about me. We have been going through some major problems in this Country. Economy woes, Earth Changes.
Loud Booms and sink holes. Boy! moma said there would be times like these. I just never thought it would get this
far in my life time. Friends, I believe we are in for some pretty radicle times. Politicle upheavel as well as
Earth problems. The people of this country should take note. We’ve seen countrys fall, and crumble are we ready for
this. Politics are in everything, jobs, country, lives, even in our animals lives. I have cats and let me tell you
they also have politics. Theres one that scemes, one that runs, one that is the tatteltale, and one that is the enforcer. Of course there are also the clown of the group. I call it the cat wars when i come home. Everyone has a
politicle statement to be made. I’m just the one who thinks she’s in charge of this group.
I’m definately not in charge of anything other than the food bowl. How do I keep it full. I don’t know if you guys have been paying attention but that bowl is getting harder to fill. Prices going up, good food hard to find. There
are warnings everyday about some item that has to be recalled from the grocery shelf. The seasons are so crazy now
that gardens are already going to seed. Hmmm wonder why. Maybe we all should be paying more attention to what is happening to the food sources. Well this was just some of the things I’ve been thinking on since my trip to the land
of the infected…
The coming days will not be easy but they will be easier if you are well and have things in hand. I’ve seen that this is imparitive for us to feel well and be ready. I’ve had to force myself to continue to live,work and just be
here everyday since this started for me. Its not pleasant folks so keep yourselves well and stay centered in the LORD. With out him we cannot make a day, minute or secound more in our lives. And the sad thing is when you get
that sick you will just not care if you continue on. So a word to the wise keep your health…………

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